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Spanish School in Antigua Guatemala
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Centro Linguistico Internacional Spanish school is recognized and accredited by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education, the tourist commission INGUAT in Antigua, and Universidad Rural in Guatemala City

Welcome to the web site of the premier Spanish School in Antigua, Guatemala. If you are one of our many returning language students, you may notice that our format has changed to include even more new programs, activities and information on Guatemala and Antigua. If you are new to us, please review our site in detail – we have been told ours is one of the most comprehensive. However, we realize that you are probably looking at many schools and might be getting a bit overwhelmed! You might have just one main question (possibly two if you stumbled upon Guatemala as a place to learn Spanish). Therefore, we broke down our main page here to address these two questions, with a quick link to email us for any others. 

What makes CLI Spanish School different from the other schools?

CLI Spanish School is one of the highest rated schools in Guatemala, with a history of returning clients. There are many reasons for this, and that set our school apart from the rest. This includes:

  • A professional multilingual staff, with a policy of 100% catering
  • Specially trained teachers (our own teacher training program – we pick the best)
  • Apartments and private rooms, right on the school grounds, a large colonial estate
  • Internet and Wi-Fi in all apartments and rooms – free of charge to our students
  • Our own Internet café, with laptop and desktop computers – also free of charge
  • Laundry and optional meal service, right at the school
  • Our own travel service, free of charge to our clients
  • Child care services
  • Specialized courses such as: Medical, Legal, Business, Diplomatic & Academic
  • Special programs unique to our school, such as the All-inclusive & Fun & Sun
  • Free daily activities; special optional weekend trips to areas of interest
  • Ratings of 95% from students – “very good” or better in all areas. Take a look at our Feedback
  • Accredited by the Ministry of Education, INGUAT the tourist commission, and arrangement with a local university for academic credit

Why Antigua Guatemala?

  • Friendly people, from teacher to home stays and others
  • The least expensive country in Central America
  • Guatemalan Spanish is pure & without accent which makes it easy to understand
  • Antigua has a lower crime rate than many places in the U.S.
  • Warm weather, year-round – rainy season has short spurts during the day, so even on these days the sun can be seen shining
  • Majestic lakes surrounded by lush landscapes and breath-taking volcanos, along with other natural wonders
  • Monasteries, convents, ruins and churches remind visitors of its past, and an enormous selection of restaurants, art galleries, and cafes give Antigua a new cosmopolitan air

Please click below or to the right to submit a request for information. We answer any and all questions quickly, and will even telephone you at a time and day most convenient to you. Also, make sure to click on the video below where you can see shots of the school and live interviews with real students! Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in the Land of Eternal Spring Guatemala!

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Our School

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Internet cafe!
FREE unlimited Internet for all students -in our own onsite Internet cafe! Apartment and room at school lodging -free Internet in your room!

So why study Spanish?
By Joe Giorgianni

My Visit to Antigua
Ralph McCuen

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